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Columbus pastor explains why he openly opposes Donald Trump

Pastor Chuck Griffith Pastor Chuck Griffith

While Republican front runner Donald Trump continued piling up victories in states like Georgia and Alabama during the Super Tuesday election, many in the Chattahoochee Valley still oppose the billionaire's beliefs and actions. 

Chuck Griffith, the pastor of Trinity Temple Assembly of God, has voiced his opinions on his personal Facebook page. 

"I try not to mix politics into services," Pastor Griffith said. "As a pastor I do not endorse a candidate. But I do believe that it is important for us as believers to understand that if America is going to change, it is not going to be fixed by a man."  

Even though he avoids mixing politics into his sermons, he still believes it's important to voice his opinion. 

One member of his church believes that people are voting for Trump not because they agree with his morals, but because he provides something different.

"He is saying a lot of things that people are wanting to hear," said Katelin Masterson. "They are mad and they just don't care, the Republican Party is not working, the Democratic Party is not working, and he is new and he is angry and Americans are angry." 

Pastor Griffith has never endorsed any particular candidate, just voiced his opposition towards Donald Trump.

"We feel like what America indeed needs is healing, and no man is going to do that for us anyways," Pastor Griffith said. "So we try to point people to seeking Gods face and asking Him to bless America."

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