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CPD says bullets matching murder weapon found in home of suspect's girlfriend

Latissa Murry takes the stand Latissa Murry takes the stand

A Columbus trial heats up as a key witness took the stand Friday afternoon, testifying about evidence recovered from her apartment that may link one of the four suspects on trial for murder.

Latissa Murry, who is the girlfriend of suspect Tyqueriss Wells, testified that she did not know who the .223-caliber bullets found in her home belonged to and they were not hers. Murry originally told police Wells was just her tattoo artist. 

"You told detectives that you were not romantically involved," asked prosecutor Chris Williams.

"No, the detective told me that he knew I was pregnant with Wells' child and I confirmed," said Murry.

Columbus detectives said casings from four weapons were recovered from the September 2013 crime scene of David Scott's murder.

"A Winchester .223 round ammunition box that we found on the dresser, that was extremely important to us because that is the same type of Winchester .223 rounds were found at the Baltic Court shooting and at the 7th and Coolidge shooting," said a Columbus police detective.

In addition to the shell casings at Murry's home, bullets found at Wells' mom and dad's house matched another one of the four weapons that were used to shoot and kill Scott on Coolidge Avenue.

Homicide is just one of the several crimes the four suspects are accused of committing. The rest of the crimes include carjacking, home burglary, and an armed robbery that left two shot, arson, and a high speed chase are said to be the chain of events that occurred during a three-day crime spree throughout the city of Columbus.

Christoper Whitaker, Christopher Pender, Donald Fair and Wells pleaded not guilty to these crimes.

Jayln Dixon, a fifth suspect, pled guilty last week promising the state of Georgia his testimony in exchange for a shorter sentence.

Dixon is expected to take the stand Monday morning.

*DISCLAIMER: A previous version of this story incorrectly attributed testimony to Latissa Murry. Those changes have been corrected. 

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