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Four on trial for 2013 murder, witness details triggerman

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus man who pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter took the stand Monday morning testifying against four other men who he claims were also involved in the 2013 homicide.

David Scott, 34, was driving on 7th and Coolidge Ave when a group of men shot into his car more than 30 times.

Christopher Whitaker, Christopher Pender, Tyrequiss Wells and Donald Fair are all accused of a three day crime spree including theft of a motor vehicle, home burglary, armed robbery that left two shot, homicide and arson for burning up the stolen truck.

“I was the driver, Whitaker sat behind me, Wells was the passenger, Pender sat behind him and Fair was on the bed of the truck,” said Dixon.

More than 1,000 pages of Dixon’s phone records were presented as evidence during cross examination.

Dixon testified before the jury that he owned guns, but when the Defense asked if he sold them he said “no.”

Whitaker’s defense attorney pointed out at least five text messages in Dixon’s phone records that indicated otherwise.

Photos of the guns that Dixon owned were also recovered from his phone records including a 9mm that takes ammunition similar to the shell casings found at the 2013 homicide crime scene.

Despite the evidence, Dixon told jurors he was shot a week prior to Scott’s murder and was unable to carry a gun due to his injuries, confessing his part was the driver.

“Wells had the Glock 9, Pender had the .45, Whitaker had the drum and Fair had the A.R.,” says Dixon.

Dixon says he was not involved in the home burglary, but admitted to being the shooter in the armed robbery.

The truck was set on fire by Fair according to Dixon’s testimony. The defense played an interview Dixon did with Columbus Police detectives in 2013 when he was first arrested.

His story at that time was much different than his testimony before the jury. The defense used this as a way to taint his credibility.
The trial is not finished. We will continue to follow this trial and be sure to bring you the final verdict.

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