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D.A.s question forensics in Columbus murder trial

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Defense attorneys in a Columbus murder trial revealed errors in the police investigation of a 2013 homicide in court on Tuesday, March 8. 

Four men are facing multiple charges including murder for the death of 24-year-old David Scott.

The state called a fingerprint expert to the stand Tuesday morning, who confirmed the fingerprints found on the hood of the white impala Scott was driving at the time he was shot and killed.

The prints did not belong to defendants Christopher Whitaker, Christopher Pender, Tyrequiss Wells or Donald Fair.

During cross examination, two of the defense attorneys questioned the thoroughness of the witness’ investigation.

The defense asked if forensic testing was done on other pieces of evidence that were recovered from the crime scene, like a cloth on the hood of the car or hair from the baseball chat found on the ground. 

The fingerprint expert said he wasn’t sure because the detectives are typically responsible for that.

 “The weapon that was located in the bushes, was that tested for fingerprints?” asked Susan Henderson, Pender's defense attorney.

“I don’t believe it was because of the circumstances behind the weapon being there,” said the State's witness.
Henderson asked the fingerprint expert if detectives were required to wear gloves while handling evidence, and presented a photograph where an officer was holding a bullet without gloves.

There was also a pink lighter recovered from the crime scene. 

“I can’t remember if this one was processed,” said the fingerprint expert.

The state also presented video of the crime scene giving the jury a close up look at the 38 shell casings from four different weapons that were recovered from the crime scene.
We're told that the trial could last another week. We will continue following this story and update it as more information becomes available.  

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