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Dead horse tied to tree worrying Lee County residents

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LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - Investigators are looking into a strange and gruesome discovery off a dirt road in Lee County. A dead horse was found tied to a tree, something that some find suspicious.

Whether you're hunting, hiking, or taking a drive, it could be quite an unpleasant thing to stumble upon off Lee County road 246.

A dead horse was found miles and miles deep into the country and it's prompting some to cry "foul play."

A resident was four-wheeling down the dirt roads when she and her friend found the horse, rotting in the Alabama sun. The animal's legs were tied together, a muzzle covering it's mouth, and it was tied to a tree.

The horse's body was lying on the side of the dirt country road Wednesday, amongst other trash, with a tarp nearby. The animal was extremely decomposed so it is hard to tell any potential signs of abuse from the naked eye.

The resident says she believes the animal was covered in a white substance, possibly Lime, to hide the smell. There were no houses for miles only a wooden fence, leaving questions like how and why the animal ended up there?

The Lee County Sheriff's Department is investigating, but at this time has no answers on if the animal was abused or improperly disposed.

The area is extremely remote, with no homes or businesses anywhere nearby.
Our crew did pass numerous properties in the general area that had horses, but nothing that deep into the countryside.

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