WTVM Editorial 3/18/16: Finally, ISIS equals genocide

WTVM Editorial 3/18/16: Finally, ISIS equals genocide

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Our government doesn't always act quickly in world affairs - and that's good, since deliberate debate is often called for.

But Washington, DC is very good at one thing: stating the obvious.

Such as finally agreeing to the completely self-evident fact that the Islamic State is committing genocide.

After 19 months of beheadings, or executions by other means, like setting infidels on fire in a cage or --just a few days ago -- exploding a rope bomb strung around a prisoner's neck, Secretary of State John Kerry now agrees with earlier congressional findings that ISIS killings of Christians and certain ethnic groups does, indeed, meet the definition of genocide.

Genocide is the deliberate destruction of an ethnic, religious or racial group.

That's exactly what the Nazis did to European Jews in world war two. The declaration of ISIS genocide does not legally obligate the U.S. to take action alone to solve the crisis.

But it should certainly, finally, serve as a mandate for our leaders to gather like-minded countries together to once and for all destroy ISIS.

If, as they say, naming a problem is the first step toward fixing it, then naming the ISIS terror as genocide should be enough to make world governments finally come together with a plan to destroy it.

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