New Commanding General welcomed at Fort Benning

New Commanding General welcomed at Fort Benning

"There's none that I'm bracing for because that would imply I'm under assault," said Brigadier General Eric Wesley, but the new Maneuver Center Commanding General knows even more changes are ahead.

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - Fort Benning will undergo logistic changes to welcome women into all of their specialty schools and units, after U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced this past December that women can serve in all combat positions, without exceptions.

"Based on my perspective of what I've seen to date, that is going to make us better, and so what the Army is doing is looking to more clearly define what the standards are," said Wesley.

Major General Scott Miller passed the position to Brigadier General Wesley on Friday during a ceremony on post. The two distinguished leaders spoke highly of each other at the ceremony attended by hundreds, with Wesley admiring Miller's service and physical strength, despite a foot injury.

"I have big shoes to fill and I know that, and that's not a boot joke," said Wesley as Miller sat on stage at the ceremony with a foot injury boot on.

Miller has served as the Commanding General at Fort Benning since July 2014, and is awaiting notification of his next assignment.The Major General left the position with these final words,  "He [Wesley] can think big, and make sure soldiers understand it. Ladies and gentleman, Fort Benning, you're in better hands and you're going to get better," said Miller.

The new Commanding General Wesley adds that he hopes to keep forces strong at Fort Benning despite budget cuts, downsizing, and the fact that we are in a time he called "inter-war."

Generals at Fort Benning typically spent one to three years as commander, dating back to 1918.

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