Columbus boy inspired by police officers in fight against cancer

Columbus boy inspired by police officers in fight against cancer

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Scott and Heather Wood, along with family members and close friends, helped the couple set up a car wash fundraiser to raise money for their 3-year-old son, Jasper. 

They have been rallying support from all over the community since the end of 2014, when Jasper, the third of four children, was diagnosed with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

Volunteers at last Saturday's car wash waited for willing donations from cars parking at a local Hooters. 

However, they weren't expecting a certain community member to get active and participate - much less, hop onto a skateboard and join the fun with some teenage volunteers. 

To the Wood's surprise, a Columbus Police Department officer decided to join in the wash. That's when one volunteer captured him performing tricks on his phone and uploaded it to Facebook for social media to share.

Wood said the kids volunteering that day really enjoyed sharing that experience with the police officer. 

"Normally," he said, "children are under the impression they're about to get into trouble. He walks up like, 'Let me see this board real quick,' and he just starts popping ollies and stuff."

The police officer also left a huge impression on Jasper, who just so happens to have a fascination for everything related to police work. 
This all started when Jasper's parents decided to take him costume shopping early last Halloween. He had dozens of cool suits to choose from, but something drew his attention to that policeman's uniform. Since then, he's worn it every day, and even when he goes to bed. 
Jasper's fight with childhood cancer has taken its toll, both on the family's finances as they administer his medication, therapy and his overall energy. 
Still, according to Scott Wood, all it takes to bring Jasper back to his normal, spirited, rambunctious self, is suiting up like his heroes and drawing that inner strength to keep him going.

"I would put on him," Wood said, "and I kid you not - he could be laying down, tired and weak feeling. As soon as you put that costume on him, he's up running nine-to-nothing."
Jasper's cancer has been kept at bay recently, as he's now in the maintenance period, which will determine how well the treatment is working. His parents said they feel blessed to know the Columbus community has their backs, and for now, they're still trying to catch up to Officer Jasper Wood as he patrols the family home. 

To donate and help the Wood family pay for Jasper's treatment, visit his Give Forward page, and to keep up with Jasper's progress, visit his official Facebook page.

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