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Midtown Medical Center encourages 'Boot Camp for New Dads'

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Kwame Agyemang is an expecting father and four months ago he and his wife learned that they were pregnant with their first child.

“I think we are looking forward to what our baby is going to be like, what type of personality she is going to have and being able to love our child," said Agyemang.

Although Agyemang is excited for his baby girl's arrival, he doesn't quite know all the basic everyday techniques to care for a baby.

“I've never changed a diaper a day in my life so I am going to need some training. As far as feeding a baby, I’ve done that before but not heating a bottle, so I would need help with that”, he said. 

Boot camp for new dads has the tools to get Agyemang in shape for his newborn. 

Class instructor Kuturi Edwards says the boot camp was introduced nationwide in 1990. The course is designed to teach men who are upcoming fathers on how to take care of their kids.  

“We believe with boot camp starting at the very beginning is a great way to get engaged with your children”, Edwards said.

There are two types of fathers who attend the class including the rookie dads who are about the have a baby and veteran dads who teach the class with their very own child.
Daniel Rushing is a veteran dad who started off as a rookie.

“When my little boy was about five months old, I brought him to a new class. There were two other dads there, they got to feed him, change him and walk around with him. They were nervous, but once you get used to it you learn it’s great”, Rushing said.

Edwards says three tips are taught at the boot camp including don’t be scared to hold the baby, talk to the baby in the mother's belly and support the mother throughout her pregnancy and the changes she might be having during her pregnancy.

Boot camp for new dads are held at Midtown Medical Center once every month.

Click here to sign up for the class. 

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