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General Lloyd Austin speaks with AU students

General Lloyd Austin (Source: Andrew McDevitt) General Lloyd Austin (Source: Andrew McDevitt)

On Monday, a notable Auburn University alum returned to his old stomping grounds - U.S. Army General Lloyd Austin visited campus to speak with students and faculty.  

Gen. Austin spoke with grad students as a part of Auburn New Horizon Lecture Series, and with more than 40 years of military experience, he had many stories to share.  

“To come back to a place that you went to school to and to engage the students and faculty I think is always very special,” said Gen. Austin.  

But he himself could very easily be described as special; he earned his Masters Degree from Auburn in 1986.  

He then went on to win a handful of awards in the military: he received the Defense Distinguished Service award four times, Army Distinguished Service Medal three times and received a Silver Star during his military career. 

“Well you know the business that I am in, I am a general in the Army, I command the U.S. Central Command and it is the busiest command in the inventory. We are responsible for all of the activities in the Middle East, and as such on a daily basis I am interacting with young soldiers, sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsman and civilians,” said Gen. Austin.

With extensive experience speaking with young soldiers, he was very comfortable speaking with young students.   

“I am going to speak on leadership and after 40 years in the Army I do know a little bit about leadership," he said. "I have seen folks have to do tough things and lead people in peace time and also in combat situations.”

One thing that Gen. Austin emphasized during his lecture about being a leader is that it isn’t simply pushing the people you are leading through the task at hand, it is showing them how to accomplish it while treating them dignity and respect.

Gen.Austin said that sharing this message with students at his alma mater was rewarding, 

“Auburn is a great place, any time I can have the chance to get back here and spend some time with the faculty and students, it’s a pleasure,” he said. 

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