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Jason's March to the Marathon: March Madness

(Source: Jason Dennis) (Source: Jason Dennis)
(Source: Jason Dennis) (Source: Jason Dennis)
(Source: Jason Dennis) (Source: Jason Dennis)
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The ball is tipped, And there you are, You're running for your life, You're a shooting star. That’s the beginning lyrics for “One Shining Moment,” a song made popular by the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, which is going on right now.

That tourney, one of the biggest sporting events all year, is also known as “March Madness.” What many love about it is the unpredictability and upsets, the little schools beating the big names, like David vs Goliath.

I felt like an underdog myself those first weeks of running and again during my first time training for a half marathon. 

Some also tell me they think it's madness that I'm training for a marathon, with tasks like a sweaty 17-mile run this past week, where I changed my shirt halfway there.

And I just hit the 100 mile mark already for the month of March, sometimes running in parks, or even on closed roads by myself. Crazy, right?!

Yes, I admit I've got to be a little mad to be doing this, but there's a method to my madness.

It's called the 5-8-5-go long. Omaha! I'm no Peyton Manning and no, this is not a football play. This is part of the Marathon Rookie training program.

After building up the miles for the first 2 months, you spend the next 6 weeks on a steady regimen of this: Run 5 miles, Rest day, Run 8 miles, Run 5 next day, Rest, then long run, which steadily goes up until you hit 20 miles, 3 weeks before the marathon. That's 5-8-5-go long.

What I also love about the college basketball players we watch during "March Madness" is their passion for the game, playing their hearts out - and also plenty of emotions, win or lose. 

I want to run like that too. I feel God has placed a desire in my heart to be passionate about running and striving for this goal of finishing my first marathon, with up-and-down emotions through this journey there.

It's leading up to "One Shining Moment" at the finish line. That song finishes well with these lyrics:

Feel the beat of your heart, Feel the wind in your face, It's more than a contest, It's more than a race.

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