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Richmond Co. Sheriff's Office: more communication needed during Fort Gordon active shooter drill

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Reports of an active shooter on Fort Gordon surfaced Thursday morning just as an active shooter drill was wrapping up.

However, there was in fact no active shooter on base. Someone in the building thought there was an actual shooting during the drill and called 911. 

With all the confusion on Fort Gordon Thursday, many people are wondering what went wrong?

Officials at the Richmond County Sheriff's Office said it all boils down to one thing: communication. Thankfully, there was no real threat to anyone on post today, but Lt. Rollins with the sheriff's office said they were ready for anything.

"When you get the call, you go," he said. 

That's exactly what Richmond County deputies and the SWAT team did. Even though the sheriff's office knew about the drill ahead of time, with information coming down quickly from all departments, it was better safe than sorry.

"When they start calling 911, when the schools get locked down, when the information is going out, it goes out very rapidly. So it's hard to tell where your information is coming from," Lt. Rollins said. "When we get the call, we still have to go. We can't take a chance that it wasn't a real active shooter."

Lt Rollins said while crews were headed to the scene, they did try to contact Fort Gordon to confirm that there was in fact an active shooter on post.
But as teams were pulling up, they learned there was no active shooter. It was all part of the drill.

"This is a very good training opportunity, and we had some miscommunication, maybe. Maybe everybody didn't get the word. We can learn from this," said Lt. Rollins. 

As for how deputies and the other members of the Sheriff's office responded, Lt. Rollins has no complaints. 

"I'm always proud of the way our teams respond, and in this case when you don't have a set plan, when you don't know exactly what's going on but you have to do it on the fly, they did a very good job," he said. 

Fort Gordon officials said the training exercise was supposed to continue tomorrow, but after today's events, the drill for Friday has been canceled.

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