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Summer construction season could wrap up some Columbus projects

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Big changes are in the works for multiple roads around Columbus, and construction headaches could get worse as peak season is just around the corner.

On fresh asphalt, cars can now go both ways on 10th Street for example. 10th street is a major road for those heading to, and now from, Uptown and the River Walk. However, traffic engineers say it's important to break old habits when driving on the former and long time one-way road.

"I think people have been in the habit of coming up to those intersections and only looking one direction to see if there's cars coming, now they're having to look in two," said Doc Dorsey, Columbus' Traffic Engineering Manager.

While adjusting to the change might take some time, it has opened up the area for more commuters- while helping first responders get where they need to go.

"I think this will be an asset for them and a benefit in that they will be able to use 10th Street in both directions to get to their emergency calls. I've seen it several times since we opened the street, that they would come out of the station and turn left to go East on 10th street," said Dorsey.

10th Street construction cleared up relatively quickly, but there are other major construction projects still in full swing that are causing traffic backups and delays for many. Projects off Forrest Road, Moon Road, Double Churches and Veterans are just some of the active construction zones that could cause hassles, especially with the peak summer season just around the corner.

"That's usually the best time for work to be done because it's dryer, the days are longer, the weather's much more conducive to traffic ," said Dorsey.

The big project of widening Whittlesey between Whitesville and Veterans is scheduled to wrap up by this Christmas. Portions of Forrest Road could reopen as soon as this summer, other portions will be under construction until next year.

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