Be There: Reading For Wheels

Be There: Reading For Wheels

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As school is winding down, a Columbus business owner is doing his part to encourage students to stay in the books.

Reading Four Wheels is an incentive program at Blanchard Elementary School that has students turning the pages of book in hopes of winning a bike.

Erwin Jenkins, owner of AMCO Transmissions in Columbus, came up with the idea to inspire kids to develop a love for reading like his daughter when she attended Blanchard.

"She would get into trouble when she went to school here for reading at night," Jenkins said. "She'd get under the covers with a flashlight and read, and she would get in trouble – but I loved it."

Jenkins says that love for reading caused his daughter to excel in high school and in college. Now, he wants the younger generation to do the same.

"It's always important to me to help continue education for all the kids," Jenkins said.  

Guidance Counselor Randalette Williams says the program comes at a perfect time when students are thinking about getting out of school.

"It will encourage our students to continue to read vigorously, especially now that we're into testing time," Williams said. "It's important that they stay focus and not slip and feel that the school year is over."

Students have about eight more weeks left in school. Testing for the Georgia Milestones test starts in April.

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