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$1.2M needed for Columbus Aquatic Center may be in mayor's budget

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus city leaders are considering more funding options for the Aquatic Center to avoid ending city-run programs, which the mayor considers good progress.

The city manager presented a list of 17 options during Tuesday's work session, which included transferring the Afterschool Program from Parks and Rec to the Muscogee County School District in order to generate funding for the swim center.

“I believe we can do it without ending programs or radically shifting programs that people have come to depend on in our community,” stated Tomlinson. 

The mayor said $1.2 million is needed to run the facility on an 89-hour schedule. The budget for the facility is comparable, according to Tomlinson, with what other cities in the state of Georgia are paying to run their aquatic centers.

The 17 options are still on the table with regard to making some necessary cuts.  

“We are always looking for those just to be efficient and change our programming to fit today’s needs," Tomlinson said. "I don’t expect we’ll really be noticeably reducing the services of other Parks and Rec programs. I do think there will be some fee adjustments across the board in various programs and that’s largely because we have not made any adjustments sometimes  in decades, many decades.” 

The mayor said she is looking for ways to add the $1.2 million need in her budget due in April.  

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