WTVM Editorial 4/1/16: AL scandal is a ‘House of Cards’

WTVM Editorial 4/1/16: AL scandal is a ‘House of Cards’

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - If a Hollywood screenwriter suggested a story about a top office holder who ran on a platform of family values was having a relationship with a top advisor, you might say we've heard that story before.

It sounds like it could be from the Netflix political drama "House of Cards."

If a screenwriter suggested a top elected official would buy untraceable so-called "burner" cell phones and share a safe deposit box with a married woman who is not his wife, you might say it sounds like it could be a storyline on the ABC hit show "Scandal."

But of course, it's not a television show, it's the real-life drama playing out at the Alabama State Capitol, starring Governor Robert Bentley and his former senior policy advisor Rebekah Mason.

But the show titles of "Scandal" and "House of Cards" may actually sum up the Bentley-Mason saga just as well as anything.

Mason has resigned, but Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has been saying he will not step down.

Now the safe deposit box story has heated up an already overheated media spotlight. Even the New York Times is covering it.

Bentley was quoted as saying Rebekah Mason does not co-own his safe deposit box, but does have access to it and anyway, he will explain it all later - in his own videotaped announcement: just his statement; no questions from reporters.

Because that way, Bentley says, he can make sure his message to the public gets out unfiltered by the media.

Bentley should have worried about the media firestorm much earlier: say, sometime between when he ran for the office on a platform of morality and integrity and before he made the recent choices he did; which is why his personal life is now a very public soap opera.

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