Most Wanted: Christopher Hartley

Most Wanted: Christopher Hartley

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - A wanted sex offender is on the run, and Muscogee County Sheriff's Deputies are hoping you can help them catch him.

Take a good look at this man! He's 50-year old Christopher Hartley and Muscogee County Sheriff officials want him in jail.

There's a warrant for his arrest for aggravated child molestation, and now that he hasn't registered with authorities, he faces time in jail.

"Sex offenders are required to register with us every year on their birthday, whenever they change addresses, change anything, they have to come in and let us know so we can update their file and their paperwork," said Deputy Jeffrey Hackey with the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office. "Mr. Hartley apparently has decided he didn't want to so we need to see if we can make contact with him."

According to Deputy Hackey, Hartley's last known address was on Clover Lane in Columbus and he was last seen driving a black Toyota 4 Runner.

Police are warning whoever comes in contact with Hartley not to approach him or try to apprehend him since he's on the run and police do not know how he will react if cornered.

But one thing is certain – failing to register can buy you time behind bars.

"One day, 100 days it doesn't make that much of a difference," Deputy Hackey said. "Once you have failed to register it's not any worse one way or the other. Once you fail to register you're in trouble with the state."

If you know anything about where Christopher Hartley can be found Muscogee County Sheriff officials would like to hear from you.

All you have to do is call (706) 653-4225, and remember, you do not have to give your name.

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