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Shooting victim makes shocking remark on witness stand

A Columbus murder trial takes a wild turn Thursday as the key witness takes the stand and testified that the man accused of the murder was not the shooter.

The victim's family was in disbelief when they heard the witness say he knew for a fact that the man on trial was the wrong guy.

Travis Porter who witnessed the murder admitted to police that he had drove to Columbus with the victim Dior Cheney to purchase a pound of marijuana.

Cheney was driving his gray ford focus and Porter was a passenger when a man with a black hoodie started shooting into the car killing Cheney and hitting Porter three times.

"I was telling Dior go. Go. Go but you know it all happened so fast. I was just trying to get out of the car. The shooter was on my side the passenger side", says Porter.

Despite Porter originally identifying him he told the jury Thursday he knows for a fact Reginald Jackson, the man accused in the shooting was not the shooter.

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