Columbus police continue investigating how F-250 truck hit child

Columbus police continue investigating how F-250 truck hit child

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's been more than a week since a Columbus child was injured after he was hit by a truck in his neighborhood. 
The 12-year-old boy was hit by a truck around 5:30 p.m. on Natchez Drive on Saturday, April 2, and the child's father believes police have conflicting reports of what really happened.

Now, Columbus police are commenting on the case. Although they declined an on camera interview, we were able to speak to those handling the investigation.

Police agree that there are several inconsistencies in the case, but they're trying to gather the most accurate information before any charges are filed.

"I found out my son was hit when my other son came and told me. He seen his brother in the middle of the street shaking," said Hernandez Hubbard, the father of 12-year-old boy.

Hubbard said his son was playing on the curb when the incident happened. Patrol officers were initially called to the scene.

"They ask me how old he was and his name and that was it. It was an officer that followed me to the hospital. They did not Breathalyzer the guys. They did not do nothing to them," said Hubbard.

The Columbus Police Motor Squad Unit is now investigating the case. They say a breathalyzer test wasn't performed by officers on the scene because there was no sign of intoxication or that the driver of 2013 F-250 was impaired.

Columbus police has no physical evidence of alcohol on the scene, but Hubbard says differently.

"Cups of liquor. Stuff that was being handed off to people coming from around the street," said Hubbard.

The motor squad is still trying to figure out how fast the truck was driving. According to witnesses, police say the truck was driving at a low speed and eventually stopped.  Witnesses also tell police the child ran into the street in front of the moving truck.

"We have witnesses saying that this guy came around the corner flying. Slowed down right before he dipped around my kids and hit my son," said Hubbard of another conflicting report.

Police say they're still performing interviews, but they're having a hard time trying to match the stories of witnesses.

They are also trying to determine how many people were in the truck at the time of the incident.

Columbus police also got word that there may be surveillance video of the incident, but so far no one has come forward with that information.

They ask if anyone knows anything about this case to give them a call at 706-225-4443.

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