Teen vandals leave Columbus property looking like a war zone

Teen vandals leave Columbus property looking like a war zone

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus homeowner is distraught after teens allegedly destroyed his home using a baseball bat and matches.

Three Columbus teens have been arrested for vandalizing the home, causing extensive damage to the property.

A neighbor noticed the trio breaking inside the home last Wednesday and called police.

When officers arrived at Oakwood Drive located in the Kirkwood Subdivision off Double Churches Road, they could hear voices from inside.

 "Police, stop!" yelled an officer, according to the police report.

The young boys made a run for it by climbing out of the bathroom window. Police later identified the teens through book bags that they left behind.
The owner, retired Lt. Col. Rudolph Frazier, was contacted about the burglary through his property management company.

It was the second time he'd been alerted about vandals entering the property within the last month.  
But this time the damage proved to worse than Frazier and his wife could have imagined.

"It just devastated us to look and see all the damage a perpetrator had caused," said Frazier.
The aftermath was like walking through a war zone with burnt carpet in several rooms, ripped out light fixtures, huge holes in the walls, closet door torn apart and shattered glass all over the bathroom floor.

"I never saw this type of stuff unless I was on the battlefield in the military," added Frazier, who has seen his share of destruction having completed numerous tours overseas including Korea.

He was in the process of getting the home ready to be put back on the rental market after tenants recently moved out. The price tag to repair the property has not yet been determined.

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