Columbus family terrified after shots fired at back door

Columbus family terrified after shots fired at back door

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Eight bullet holes riddled the back door of an apartment at Ballard Way on Hunter Road in Columbus.

The homeowner believes she was targeted when she heard the gunshots late Friday night. This home is one of several being investigated for shots fired into building in the past week.
"People either for a reason or for no reason are out shooting and we've had several cases where projectile from gun fire has entered different residences in the city," said Major J.D. Hawk with the Columbus Police Department Bureau of Patrol Services.

The woman who lives in the home didn't want to go be identified, but she did allow us inside to show just how close the bullets came. They could have made their way through the door, possibly hurting someone.

Four young kids under the age of nine live in the home. Major J.D. Hawk with Patrol Services says it's best to always know your surroundings.
"And if you do hear gunfire you need to take precautions and take cover. It's hard to tell without a detection device where the gunshots are coming from or where it's going," Major Hawk said.

Each case of shots fired will be listed as a different offense depending on the situation. The family is now afraid for their lives.

"This is aggravated assault because there were people in jeopardy when that gun was fired into that house. It kind of like a threat on their life. It didn't hit them but it could have hit them and killed them. That's where the aggravated assault cause it's on an individual," Major Hawk said.

Shots fired can also be listed as reckless conduct if someone is just shooting in the air and no one was injured and nothing was hit.

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