Escaped Inmate caught

The Meriwether County Sheriff's Department confirms that one of the escaped inmates who escaped from the jail Tuesday has been captured.

29-year old Travion Hall was arrested at 6:45 Tuesday evening at the Garden Inn and Suites Motel in Hogansville.

He was originally arrested in November on probation violation charges.

The second escaped inmate 34-year old Eugene Mitchell, who faces multiple charges including one for child molestation, is still on the loose.

Mitchell and Hall escaped from the Meriwether County Jail around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

According to Meriwether County Sheriff, Chuck Smith, the men broke into a utility closet in their living area.

He told News Leader Nine, "The men were able to breach the grate, at the ceiling and escape onto the roof, and then once they were on the roof, they were able to get to the ground and then ran from the compound."

Officials are encouraging those who know the remaining escapee Eugene Mitchell to notify police to prevent any dangerous confrontations between the suspect and law enforcement.

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