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What caused roof collapse on Birmingham home? Contractor weighs in

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Contractors say one foot closer and two little girls would have been crushed inside of an Ensley home where the roof collapsed Thursday.

The 5-year old girl was out of the hospital. Her 8-year old sister was still at Children’s of Alabama Friday with a broken foot, a few busted teeth and cuts.

But contractors now working on the house say it could have been a lot worse.

Chris Fausz is the owner of Hoover General Contractors and says the damage inside the house at 1717 7th Avenue West looks like a tornado came through the house.

Fausz says the chimney fell into the home, taking out the side of the roof, breaking about six floor joists, and snapping the main floor beam in half.

As for why the chimney fell--a structural engineer will make the final determination.

But Fausz says it could have been due to deterioration, strong winds or the way the chimney was built.

But with as much weight fell in around the girls, Fausz says had they been just one foot over, the situation could have ended much worse.

"I'm talking about pieces of brick like this--if it would hit any of us, even a kid or anybody it would kill them,” Fausz said. “It's just amazing. When I look in there--I'm just amazed that those kids--I'm glad they didn't get harmed. But it almost looks like a tragic scene when you walk in there---you would think somebody died in there. But I'm just so glad they're ok."

Fausz says they will have to jack the house up off its foundation to repair the damaged floor.

The family will be out of the house for two or three months while its being fixed.

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