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Zeigler: Recall amendment would keep "the people in control" in Bentley scandal

Alabama State Auditor, Jim Zeigler Alabama State Auditor, Jim Zeigler

As legislators in the state house consider forming an impeachment committee to remove Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley from office, a state official has a different plan.

Saturday, State Auditor Jim Zeigler announced his proposal for a change in the state's recall law, which would give voters the ability to remove Bentley.

"It's important that we start some movement behind a recall bill, I have a proposal that would allow the voters to recall any of the seven state-wide officers, from the governor on down to the state auditor," said Zeigler. "The people remain in control."

Bentley has been under fire for the last month. After terminating the state's top cop Spencer Collier, allegations surfaced about Bentley's alleged affair, which have since led to criminal and ethics investigations against the governor. 

Some legislators are looking to form an impeachment investigation committee, as well, but, Zeigler feels impeachment would take too long. 

"It's obvious at this point that the legislature will not impeach before adjourning on May 16 or before,

State Sen. Rusty Glover is in favor. 

"I would be supportive of recall," he said. 

He thinks impeachment could be a faster way to remove Bentley from office. 

"We found that the house can call itself back into session for this particular situation," Glover said. "That could be achieved far sooner than a recall. A recall, you've got to collect so many thousands of signatures, and go through the process which would take quite a bit of time. Whereas, impeachment could happen, once it was started, in two or three weeks."  

If a recall amendment passes in both the house and the senate, the public will have to vote it into law in the November general election. If it's voted into law, then the public can petition to hold a recall election against Bentley. 

Some attending a Saturday TEA Party meeting said if that election happens, they would vote to recall Bentley from office. 

"From what I've seen so far, it's a lot of distraction," said Mobile resident Charles Wyckoff.  "I think that our state's moving kind of off kilter right now. I would rather see it done in a different way, I'd rather see a resignation."

Zeigler said he will present his plan to legislators on Monday. 

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