Ever wanted to see the Titanic sink? Watch this re-enactment

Ever wanted to see the Titanic sink? Watch this re-enactment

(WTVM) - It may not come with the epic love story portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, but you'll at least be captivated for a few minutes.

The RMS Titanic sank in 1912, but that hasn't stopped one of history's biggest events from being re-created for 2016 in this video that was called "gripping" by CNET.

The group, Titanic-Honor and Glory, re-imagines the ship sinking from last peaceful sail, to the point of impact with the iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean, until it explodes in the ocean.

The ocean liner's sinking killed more than 1,500 on board - more than two-thirds of the passengers. The video is two hours and 40 minutes long - shorter than the 1997 film directed by James Cameron, which clocks in at three hours and 30 minutes. The animated re-enactment does includes dramatic re-enactment of the crew and passengers reacting to the sinking.

The incredibly-detailed portrayal of the ship's sinking gives another perspective to what is an interesting story.

The creators are calling it "a highly accurate" and "complete animation" based on historical documents. The video was published on April 14, just a day shy of the 104th anniversary of the ship's doomed voyage.

The YouTube notes also include timestamp markers of key events, such as the sounding of the first distress sirens, the launch of the first life boats and the response to the crew's S.O.S. call by the ship Carpathia. 

Watch the video here for yourself.

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