Muscogee Co. School Board candidates take the stage

Muscogee Co. School Board candidates take the stage

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With just over a month left until the May 24 School Board election, the first Muscogee County School Board Candidate Forum took place Tuesday night.

Eleven candidates gathered inside the Columbus Public Library, all hoping to fill four available school board positions. 

The night began with a moment of silence for Carver High's David Pollard following his tragic car accident on Monday. From there, the candidates answered questions posed by the moderator and from the crowd.

Some of the questions asked about important qualities that a school board member must have.

Other questions asked if the current policies in place for the Muscogee County School District were acceptable when it came to the LGBT community. 

Here are some quotes from the candidates during Tuesday night's forum:

Athavia "A.J." Senior of District 3 said, "We need to keep in mind that education is not a lying item on the school boards budget, it is the only budget."
Norene Marvets of District 7 Candidate said, "Believe one more thing that a board member can really execute well and that is communication with the community its self."
Joann Thomas-Brown of District 1 said, "We are to make sure that we are putting the money where it needs to go and that should be to our children and our teachers."
Todd Robinson of District 5 said, "The role of a school board is to seek out and find an individual that is so qualified that will take our schools off the failing list and take our kids of the failing list and make our school system second to none in
this state."
Cathy Williams of District 7 said,"It is not to tear down our schools or our superintendent it is not to do anything that is not in the best interest of our schools."
Pat Hugley Green the District 1 incumbent, "That collaboration, you have to be able to collaborate and work with other people.  You have to be able to communicate to get it done no one can do it by themselves."
Al Stewart of District 1 said, "That i want to see every child get the best quality education.  And secondly i would like to see every graduate fill out a check."
Vanessa Jackson of District 3 said, "You know if someone is bullying you, you need to go you need to tell, we don't need our kids coming here being afraid. "
Laurie McRae of District 5 said, "And teaching them about bullying and teaching them about different types of children, but this need to continue into middle school and high school because that is where this becomes the biggest issue."
Robert Watkins of District 5 said, "If a child is afraid to come to school it doesn't matter how many resources how much money how many teachers you aren't going to reach that child."

Shelia Williams  of District 7 said, "Because we are all bleed red blood, its all the same."    

The next forum will take place on May 4 leading up to the May 24 election.

For full disclosure, candidate Todd Robinson is also the husband of WTVM's Cheryl Renee.

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