Paws Humane holds Adopt-A-Bull special through April

Paws Humane holds Adopt-A-Bull special through April

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One local organization is going above and beyond to find homes for pit bull dogs that are not being adopted.

Officials with Paws Humane decided to hold a special adoption for this breed alone. They also say people need to be educated on pit bull breeds, because they're not always the dangerous dogs people think they are.

Sylvette is one of Paws Humane's longest residents.

"She's been here for almost a year," said Devyn Seifert, Adoption counselor. "She's pretty much our long-termer right now and she's a great dog. She's a favorite with our running buddies program."

To help find her a new home along with other pit bulls, the organization is running an Adopt-A-Bull adoption special until the end of April.

"Pit Bulls has been the last pick a lot of times and we have so many of them. If you go over to animal control all of their rooms are full of Pit Bulls. So it's so many of them running around the city," Seifert said.

Paws Humane say these types of dogs are often overlooked because of  misconceptions about the breed.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals say while some pit bulls are used for fighting, they can also be trained for work and companionship.

"People listen to what the media says and so they think that pit bulls are portrayed as big muscular monsters. So all the ones that we've had experience with here are very adoptable and good house pets that make great family members," said Seifert.

Several pit bull breeds are transferred to Paws on a daily basis. For $25 you can take one home - it will be vaccinated, micro chipped, spayed or neutered. But make sure your new dog is allowed in your home.

"They aren't illegal to own but a lot of apartments restrict the breed. That's not specific to pit bulls, a lot of times they limit Rottweilers and Shepherds," said Seifert.

Paws Humane will also check to make sure your apartment doesn't restrict the breed, and make sure they are going to a good permanent home.

The adoption special at Paws will end Saturday, April 30. Once you purchase a dog, you will also need to stop by Animal Control and purchase a city permit. The price can range from $10 to $40.

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