Police continue to search for man involved in deadly hit-and-run

Columbus police searches for suspect involved in deadly crash
David Pollard (Source: Carver High School)
David Pollard (Source: Carver High School)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Friends, family, and the community demand justice for the hit-and-run Monday that resulted in the death of Coach Pollard.

Columbus police say they're working hard to make sure the man who stole a car earlier this week and crashed into a beloved coach off Buena Vista doesn't get away with it.

David Pollard, beloved teacher and baseball coach at Carver High School, didn't make it out of this horrific accident alive on Monday.

More than three days later, police are continuing their search for the man responsible.

"We are following up on multiple leads from people that contacted us with information. We're still in the process of trying to collect more available evidence in the case," said Lt. Dent.

Police believe the man stole a car from the Oakland Park area in Columbus, before leading police on a chase, and after that chase, he crashed into Pollard's car before running from the scene, which was captured on police dash cam.

Since the accident, many have wondered if Columbus police are allowed to pursue suspects by car. Today, we got answers on their policy.

"They are not banned from initiating pursuit or participating in pursuits, there are certain parameters per policy that have to be met to initiate and engage in a pursuit," Dent said.

Officials say the police chase that happened before the accident is still under investigation and they have no comment on it at the moment.

If you have any information on this case please call 706-225-4040.

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