WTVM Editorials 4/22/16: Coach Pollard's legacy

WTVM Editorials 4/22/16: Coach Pollard's legacy

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The senseless death of Carver Baseball coach David Pollard is truly one of the saddest news stories we've had to cover recently.

His family and friends who knew Coach Pollard best called him a father figure to his young players. He was a dedicated coach, sensitive teacher, husband and father of a 9-year-old daughter.

A hit and run driver on Buena Vista Road, in a stolen car, smashed into Coach Pollard's car while we was out on an errand to get chalk to line his ball field. He was only 36 years old.

We want to take a moment to commend Pollard's family for their grace and generosity in sharing memories of David Pollard.

Carver High School and Pollard's players also came together in their shared grief to bravely step up to the plate and play ball when they must surely still be in shock.

The world around them is still swirling in disbelief. But the players took to the field as team to play their final games.

We know that's what David Pollard wanted to teach his players, because it's what every good coach and teacher does - prepare their student athletes to be good men and women who must learn to deal with life's setbacks and difficulties on and off the field.

Andy Hicks, the assistant coach who is now in charge of the team, told his players if ever there was a time for his players to rise up and play for a cause, this is the time. Pollard would be proud.

There is a memorial fund set up in David Pollard's name at Wells Fargo bank - any branch will take donations for the family.

We know our generous community will keep the Pollard family in their prayers and donate what they can to remember a man who died in a tragic crash that should never have happened, but who left behind a life well lived.

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