WTVM Editorials 4/22/16: WCUG Radio launches

WTVM Editorials 4/22/16: UCUG Radio launches

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A donor, who at first was unknown, has made it possible for Communications students at Columbus State University to operate their own real radio station, WCUG, 88.5 on the FM dial.

It's a special and very valuable gift. Now that donor has come forward to receive the thanks of a grateful community.

He is Jimbo Martin, the managing partner of PMB Broadcasting and a Columbus fixture, a native who built his local radio empire through hard work and great salesmanship.

Jimbo Martin is the kind of community booster most communities dream about - smart, generous and willing to give his time, expertise, money and energy toward creating a lasting legacy for CSU Communications students for generations to come.

Martin was recently inducted into the Georgia Broadcasters Hall of Fame, an honor restricted to only the most enduring and successful professionals in the field.

Martin has been a longtime supporter of CSU and the radio station he made possible now officially takes to the air.

It is a fitting memorial to his generosity.

Jimbo Martin is leasing the WCUG radio station license - valued at more than half a million dollars - to the university for just one dollar a year.

Martin has made an enormously generous gift and the CSU Communications Department and its students will now be able to get real life experience in running a real radio station.

For the students who will run the station, hoping to become the next Jimbo Martin, that experience is priceless.

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