Columbus musicians, residents react to Prince’s death

Columbus musicians, residents react to Prince’s death

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Prince's death has certainly impacted people throughout the Chattahoochee Valley, from fans to artists who were influenced by the late legend, and even local businesses.

WTVM's Georgia Ellyse had the opportunity to attend one of Prince's concerts at Paisley Park where he died. She said anyone who has seen him live knows the energy he brings and that he is so good, he gets an encore at every show.

Columbus barbers, musicians, and retail associates say they're feeling blue because of the Purple One.

Mike Jerel, a well-known Columbus musician, says he dedicated Thursday night's set at The Suite to the dynamic late legend.

"He had funk but he also had rock and slow rock," Jerel said.

The death of Prince left fans rushing to stores to buy his music that many say transcended beyond age, color and religion, leaving the Columbus 2nd and Charles completely sold out of all their Prince merchandise.

"When something like this happens its tragic but it just reminds people of what a beautiful person he was and it reminds people how important the music is," said Genario Johnson of 2nd and Charles.  

The soundtrack for customers getting their haircut at the Nappy Root Barbershop on Macon Road includes all the hits from the late legend as the owner Brandon HIcks reminisced on his experience at Prince's last concert.

"I'm thankful that I was able to see him perform one last time," Hicks said. "It was my first time seeing him perform live and to know it was his last performance makes it that much more special."

Hicks says he took his wife to the Piano and Microphone concert in Atlanta. He paid $400 for each ticket but says it was priceless and he'll be holding on to the tickets as a keepsake.

Ticket stubs from Prince's 1981 concert in Columbus also surfaced on Facebook after he passed away.

The show, which cost some fans less than $9, was at the Municipal Auditorium and featured Morris Day and The Time.

"To not know him personally but to know a musician like him is not with us anymore put a damper in my spirit," Jerel said.

We checked around with a few other retail stores to see if they still have Prince memorabilia.

Although the Columbus Barnes and Noble says they saw an increase in customers coming to buy Prince merchandise, they have not sold out yet.

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