2 female sports reporters hear #MoreThanMean tweets read aloud

2 female sports reporters hear #MoreThanMean tweets read aloud

(WTVM) - #MoreThanMean - two female sports reporters heard several men read aloud the mean comments that internet trolls send to them on a daily basis.

In a video produced by Just Not Sports and published on YouTube on April 25, ESPN's Sarah Spain and Chicago radio personality Julie DiCarlo listened to the tweets they see everyday read by average guys.

The guys - who took it as hard as DiCarlo and Spain did - thought they were a part of a Jimmy Kimmel "mean tweets"-style skit. But the words were real tweets sent to the women.

In one tweet, DiCarlo, who was a victim of a rape, was told via Twitter that the person hoped she was Bill Cosby's next victim. The comedian has been accused of several cases of sexual assault.

Spain was told via Twitter that someone hoped her boyfriend hit her.

"These fans learn some tweets are #MoreThanMean – they're harassment. Share this with hashtag #MoreThanMean to increase awareness about harassment of women in sports," the description says on YouTube.

The video has been viewed more than 1 million times.

Several of the men apologized while they read the social media messages. You can watch the video here.

WARNING: Some of the language is offensive.

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