Organization holds 'curbside chat' in Columbus

Organization holds 'curbside chat' in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Strong Towns, a national nonprofit working to strengthen financial stability in cities across the U.S., was in Columbus on Wednesday for two events.

Charles Marohn, president of the organization presented a "Curbside Chat" and a meeting at The Loft in Columbus.

Marohn spoke about why cities have issues with such things as layoffs, road construction or bad sidewalks.

He says cities fall into the trap of the type of spending they use, not bad spending.

"When we go and build a huge project to create growth and jobs we can usually find the money to do that with the cash flow," Marohn said. "When we look at our neighborhoods, actually just planting trees on the street cost hardly anything, but makes properties more valuable."

The organization is to help create a model for development that allows American cities to grow financially.

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