WTVM Editorial 4/29/16: Hit-and-run epidemic in Columbus

WTVM Editorial 4/29/16: Hit-and-run epidemic in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Three recent hit-and-run accidents have taken two precious lives in just the last several weeks.

The stolen car hit-and-run death of Carver baseball coach David Pollard and the "mystery truck" hit and run death of Arie Phillips on Flatrock Road.

A third hit-and-run just a week ago, of a 7-year-old boy on Schaul Street, luckily was not fatal.

In that most recent case, the female driver who hit the boy got out of her car at the scene and promised to follow the victim's mom to the hospital – but she never showed up.

When Arie Phillips was struck as she walked along Flatrock Road the truck never stopped, and despite releasing a surveillance photo of the truck, police have yet to locate its owner.

In the case of Coach Pollard, the hit-and-run driver made an escalating series of very bad choices. He stole a car, then he fled from police and drove so fast and recklessly that he caused the violent crash that ended Pollard's life.

As the investigations into the three separate hit-and-runs continue, one thing is already clear. There is an epidemic happening.

It's an epidemic of careless and criminal driving. It's an epidemic of bad choices. And most of all, it's an epidemic of the complete lack of personal and moral responsibility. Accidents and criminal acts behind the wheel do happen.

But what makes a hit-and-run particularly disturbing is the "run" part. The lack of caring, the lack of personal integrity and the lack of human decency it takes to do that is stunning.

But there is still time for these drivers to do the right thing.

If these three hit-and run-drivers did turn themselves in to face the consequences of their actions, they could begin to atone for what they did. They could at least show they have some respect for the victim they struck, even if the hit-and-run was the worst choice of their lives.

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