CeraSport facility opens new location in Columbus

CeraSport facility opens new location in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A new facility that develops electrolyte drinks is now open in Columbus.

CeraSport is a rice-based hydrant that uses rice instead of sugar, making it a healthier alternative which is also used by the fitness community.

The drinks were developed from Johns Hopkins University, and are also used to help cancer patients in treatment. It can even be drunk instead of taking an IV, according to their website.

Its parent company Cera Products, Inc. has served hospitals and even the military community with their product.

We spoke with CeraSport President Jennifer Gurrola, the owner of the facility, about why this is a great addition to Columbus.

"We love the close proximity to Ft Benning, to all of the fitness communities here in Columbus," Gurrola said. "There were surgeons that are uptown, plus the proximity to the Amos Cancer Center and all of the medical facilities that are here in Columbus."

CERA products has been in service since 1993.

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