Headquarter Nissan helps bring electric car charging stations to Phenix City

Headquarter Nissan helps bring electric car charging stations to Phenix City

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - There are currently 56 electric vehicle charging stations in Alabama, and now some Russell County drivers have more places to charge up a little closer to home.

Phenix City is the recipient of some new charging stations thanks to a local car dealership.

Broad Street in Phenix City is one of the busiest streets in the city, making it the perfect location for a electric car charging station.

"Because it's halfway between where we get the most traffic. It's just a short walk whether you are coming to the utility office or going to the police or court system," said Steve Smith, Director of Finance for Phenix City.

Recently placed in front of the utility administration building, the chargers are already getting some usage.     

Headquarter Nissan in Columbus donated the two chargers as a way to help them become more environmentally friendly and improve the city's infrastructure. The dealership believes Phenix City is a great community partner.

"It's just an example of where the mayor and the city council are trying to be progressive and move the city forward. You're beginning to see a gradual need for these and of course as time goes on if we see more need, we'll be looking at other locations," said Smith.

Another convenient location designated by the city for the second charger is the Parks and Recreation Office across from Garrett Harrison Stadium and Idle Hour Park.

Although donated free of charge, Phenix City paid for the cost to install the charging station of about $200 each.

The city says they're hoping to get more chargers once people become more aware of them being here in Phenix City.  

Below is the full statement we received from Headquarter Nissan about the charging stations:

Phenix City continues to be very progressive in its approach to growth and infrastructure.  We appreciate our local community and continue to look for ways to bring value and benefit to its members through local partnerships and sponsorships.  Headquarter Nissan has already donated one charging station to the City of Columbus and with Phenix City also being in our primary market area, we wanted to assist them as they strive to grow their infrastructure and promote environmental sustainability.  Phenix City Mayor Eddie Lowe is a great community partner and we appreciate everything he does to bring development and growth to our area.

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