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Local political parties gear up for presidential campaigning

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As the race to the White House inches closer for candidates, local Democrat and Republican parties are gearing up to support the primary winners.

"We've got the building and we're trying to get it ready because we want it to be the focal point for the democratic party in Columbus Georgia and Muscogee County," said Saundra Ellison, Chairman of the Muscogee Democrats.

While local partisan elections are in full swing, Democrats and Republicans in the Valley are looking towards the November election, making sure they have a place to call home for campaigning.

Rick Allen, head of the Muscogee Republicans said, "We're getting more and more calls about people wanting material and wanting to know where headquarters is so we're moving in that direction."

Republicans in the Valley were divided earlier this year, as a list of candidates attracted different voters, but now as the scope narrows in on Donald Trump, Muscogee Republicans hope to unite.

"There will be a consolidation towards Trump and some of the people who have been for other candidates, Cruz and Kasich, will be trying to decide what we're going to do and hopefully we will all get together and come on board and have a unified front," said Allen.

While Georgia has historically been a red state, Democrats in the Fountain City say Columbus has often voted blue, and hope their campaigning will help them follow suit.

"Well I've been told they pretty much go Democrat and hopefully they will continue cause there are quite a few democrats in this area," said Ellison.

To connect with the Muscogee Republican Party you can visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

To connect with the Muscogee Democratic Party you can visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

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