WTVM Editorial 5/6/16: Ending the Epidemic

WTVM Editorial 5/6/16: Ending the Epidemic

(WTVM) - Did you know that 40 people a day die from Opioid addiction?

It may well turn out that the music legend Prince was one of them, when he was found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park mansion last month.

Opioids are drugs like heroin, Percocet and OxyContin, and their use and abuse is rampant right here where we live.

That's why we sent News Leader 9 anchor Jason Dennis to the National Prescription Drug and Heroin Abuse Summit in Atlanta so he could take a deep dive into this urgent subject matter. It's why he has worked hard to produce a five-part series called "Ending the Epidemic."

We don't pretend to have all the answers. The questions are sobering enough: how can we as a society treat Opioid addiction to save lives? How can parents confront their children about addiction or better yet, make sure they never try these widely available drugs that can have deadly consequences?

And how can we ensure the overdose reversal drug called Naloxone is widely available when an addict goes too far and there is no time to waste?

That life-saving drug is part of the focus of Jason's series on prescription drug and heroin abuse, which we launched first on our website and free mobile app.

The individual stories will air all this week at 11 p.m.

But you can watch all five parts right now on our app, as well as see many special digital extras that give new meaning to in depth reporting.

The usual time constraints of TV news reporting simply do not apply online, which is why we chose to release Jason's special reports first and all at once, all five parts, to our website, to share what he learned about this pressing problem.

We hope you and your family can watch these important stories together at a time that works for you.

That may be one small action that could have a lifesaving payoff.


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