WTVM Editorial 5/6/16: Don’t Buy Puppy Mill Pets

WTVM Editorial 5/6/16: Don’t Buy Puppy Mill Pets

(WTVM) - In such an animal friendly area of the country as ours, it's hard to believe it when we report on the disturbing sight of dozens of sick and neglected animals. Yet it happens too often.

Just a few days ago, we reported on an Elmore County, AL home where police found 17 Yorkshire Terriers living in deplorable conditions outside of a Tallassee home.

Tallassee Police, Elmore County Sheriff's investigators and the Elmore County Humane Society convinced the elderly couple who had bred those dogs and hundreds of others over the past 40 years, to finally surrender the animals, who all had dirt-matted, flea-infested fur, and unknown medical issues from being caged 24 hours a day.

We urge anyone who wants a pet to do the responsible thing and never buy from a puppy mill. There are plenty of great options for pet buyers at well run shelters like Paws Humane, Animal Ark and East Alabama Humane Society, to name a few.

The caring people at these shelters have the best interests of the adopters and the pets in mind and can help match you with a wonderful, loving companion.

Reputable breeders let you see the puppies' parents and provide veterinary records for new litters. They limit litters to preserve the health of the parent dogs.

Dogs and cats from responsible breeders or a well-run local animal shelter should be the only options for true pet lovers to find their long-term companion.


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