SPECIAL REPORT: Louisiana family donates son's heart to save Auburn infant

SPECIAL REPORT: Louisiana family donates heart to save Auburn infant

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) – The life of a young Auburn infant was saved as two families came together, united by one heart and their unwavering faith.

For baby Davis and his Auburn family, every second, giggle and heartbeat is a blessing.

"He's rolling over, sitting up - he's doing everything a 9-and-a-half-month-old should be doing," said Davis' mother, Amanda Boswell.

During his young life, Davis has already overcome more medical emergencies than most of us will face in a lifetime.

When he was a few days old a virus attacked his heart. In the next five months, Amanda, and her husband Tucker, would come close to losing their son three times.

"We were preparing for every parent's nightmare," Amanda said.

At 17 days old, Davis became the youngest child in the U.S. to undergo the rare Berlin heart procedure.

With 1-in-3 odds of survival, Amanda says one of Davis' doctors was hesitant not knowing if the risky procedure was in the best interest of his patient.

"He went and prayed about it and God changed his mind. I keep thinking what if he wasn't a believer - how different this story could be," she said.

The surgery was a success, but was a temporary fix a "bridge to transplantation," when heart could be found.

"God, just let it be a boy...girl, boy and we are done...God has a sense of humor he gave us twins," Jonathan Perry said, the father of John Clark and daughter Ella, from Louisiana.

Life was wonderful and then Jonathan Perry's son, John Clark got sick.

"They said it was the worst bleed he had ever seen," said Perry.

Like the Perrys, the Boswells are grounded in their faith. In the face of devastating news, they drew on that faith and decided to donate John Clark's organs.

"The organ donor told us 6-month-old babies don't need hearts, and you only have a four-hour window to get it to the new patient. It doesn't happen. But Holly is stubborn...and asked can you go look," Perry stated.

On Nov. 30, 2015, John Clark Perry's heart saved Davis' Tucker Boswell's life. In fact, John Clark saved the lives of two children through organ donation.

The day of the procedure a teacher friend of Amanda sent her a Facebook message.

"I think Davis' got my friend's baby's heart," said Amanda.

It turns out that the Boswell's in Auburn and The Perry's in Louisiana had mutual friends. Both families had a strong desire to meet.

In April, during a Donate Life Event at East Alabama Medical Center, Jonathan and Holly Perry held Davis Boswell and felt his son's heartbeat again. Josh Stevens with the East Alabama Medical Center captured the footage of the family.

"We talked about that how this was a lot easier for us than it was for them cause' we come into this meeting with our son...he is still here with us and I don't understand that. Why our answer was yes and their answer was no....I don't understand that," Amanda said.

"Like Holly said you don't need your organs in Heaven and to know you can keep another family from experiencing what we have gone through. They say the recipient family gets the biggest gift and I look at Davis and that is a great gift, but it's a really good gift for me and Holly too," explained Jonathan Perry.

Two families forever joined by one heart beat and two missions, to bring people to God and the decision to donate life.

"Our hearts still hurt for them, Tucker and I struggle knowing a baby had to die so that ours could live, and we don't take it for granted. Not a day goes by that we don't think about the Perry family and John Clark. Not a day goes by that I don't cry happy tears for this blessing that has been given to us," said Amanda.

The Perry's and The Boswell's stay in touch; Amanda and Holly exchange texts or phone calls once a week. Both families have become advocates for organ donation in their respective communities.

More than 123,000 men, women and children need lifesaving organ transplants. Every 10 minutes another name is added to the waiting list. Sadly, an average of 21 people die each day because the organs they need are not donated in time.

The Perrys and the Boswells are asking you to discuss this organ donation with your family, make your wishes known and give life.

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