Fashion forward boutique caters to foster families

Fashion forward boutique caters to foster families


When Phenix City residents stop into Button's and Butterflies Clothing Boutique it could be mistaken to be your average clothing store. But there is more to what customers see when they walk through the doors.

Button and Butterflies Clothing Boutique is a non-profit organization catering to kids in foster care.

Shawanda Terry and Jessica Taylor, volunteers with the Russell County Foster and Adoptive Association, says they wanted foster kids to have an experience with a more whimsical environment where they are able to shop with privacy.  

The charming boutique is fashion forward with purpose.  

Taylor says, "The kids already have a lot of judgment with the situations that they live with and personal judgment for some of the abuse and neglect that they have lived with over the years, so we wanted to create a situation for them where they were building up their esteem and they can hold themselves accountable for the choices they make here so they leave and they feel confident that they look good and because they look good, hopefully they feel good."   

Everything you see is free, making it easy for foster parents to provide for their kids.  

"The average family has four to six children," said Terry.  

With families this big, shopping for more than one child could be financially draining.  

There are over 100 children in foster care.  

Jessica Taylor says in Russell County depending on the week the average number of kids going into foster care a week is six to seven.   

"There are only over 30 parents who are available to foster children, like Shawanda said most of these parents who are currently fostering already have multiple children so their maxed out with the ability to assist with any other children," said Terry.

Button and Butterflies hope their ability to provide free assistance will encourage the foster community to grow.

"Because there are children waiting, a lot of children are being sent away out of county, their siblings are being separated and that's happening because a lot of people I think just get intimidated and don’t think they have the capacity to help,” said Taylor.

Terry and Taylor says the organization thrive off of donations given by the community. 

Anyone can help assist button and butterflies boutique by donating gently worn clothing, hygiene products or monetary donations.

Button's and Butterflies Clothing Boutique is located 3601 A Summerville Road in Phenix City and donations are accepted on Monday and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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