Poolside scissors could save drowning children this summer

Poolside scissors could save drowning children this summer

Denial will not be your friend this summer, as troubling statistics continue to show just how quick and easily a child can drown.

"Usually the parent will say I just took my eyes off the child for a minute, and I went inside to take something off the stove or something and I came back and the child was drowned," said Cpl. Robert Green, with the Columbus Police Department and Safe Kids of Columbus.

Research from the Alabama Public Health Department shows that most young children who drown in pools were out of sight less than five minutes, and 88 percent were under some form of supervision.

Beyond keeping a close and constant eye on kids and adults who are poor swimmers, experts say you might want to check your drain as the end of school and official start of summer is just around the corner.

They also say it might be a good idea to keep a pair of emergency scissors by the pool.

"Sometimes the children's clothes get caught in the drain, or their hair, and if you can keep them scissors close by, keep your eye on the scissors too, and that way you can cut the clothes off, or cut the hair off so they can get out of the drainage," said Green.

While Alabama officials say pools claim the most lives with 39 percent of drownings, open bodies of water come in a close second at 37 percent.
Last year our area saw several tragic drownings, including 15-year-old Tiquarius Myers who drowned in Lake Oliver at the end of May.

Officials in both Georgia and Alabama advocate water safety, like taking swimming lessons and using flotation devices in hopes of having a fun and safe 2016 summer.

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