WTVM Editorial 5/13/16: We can't forget Arie Phillips

WTVM Editorial 5/13/16: We can't forget Arie Phillips

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The hit-and-run death of 14-year-old Arie Phillips in March will stay fresh in the mind of her family forever.

A family can never forget.

But they are worried that Arie's death by a still unknown driver will soon be forgotten, which would truly compound the tragedy.

Police believe they know what kind of truck hit her...that it's burgundy in color, that it has alloy wheels, step rails, and four doors...and that there is most likely damage on the front passenger side. They know Arie was struck while walking on Flat Rock Road on March 27 at 9:30pm.

Police know a lot, but what they don't know is who was driving.

Keeping Arie's case alive and top of mind is made much more difficult because her family lives in California where her dad is an army sergeant.

They were just visiting relatives in Columbus when they suddenly lost their daughter, to a driver maybe too cowardly or maybe too impaired to stop when it was obvious Arie was struck.

He or she could have come forward anytime since the deadly incident. In a previous editorial i said hit and run driver's exhibit a sickening lack of personal responsibility.

This time, i want to urge everyone not to forget Arie's case. Someone might have seen something, no matter how small a detail, that could help police get justice for Arie.

We will do our part in continuing to update viewers on the case, now almost two months old.

Arie may be gone, but as a community, we can't let her death become just another sad statistic or a cold case that is never solved.


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