WTVM Editorial 5/13/16: George Zimmerman's infamous gun

WTVM Editorial 5/13/16: George Zimmerman's infamous gun

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Hasn't George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin four years ago, had enough of the media spotlight?

Apparently not.

Zimmerman, who was found not guilty in Martin's controversial death, a death which sparked protests over racial profiling and stand your ground laws, seems to need attention like most of us need air.

And now he wants to auction off the gun he used to shoot Trayvon Martin to the highest bidder.

Since the shooting, Zimmerman has had numerous run-ins with the law for charges such as assault and domestic violence.

He could have gone away, pleased about the verdict in the infamous shooting and court case.

But George Zimmerman has not gone away.

Auctioning off the gun he used that night in 2012 is beyond just in poor taste. He says he would use the money for charity, including to raise awareness of violence against the police.

But his actions seem obviously intended to fan the flames of controversy again. George Zimmerman doesn't seem to realize his fifteen minutes of fame are over.

Now he just needs to go away.


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