Pregnant women continues healthy practice of weightlifting

Pregnant women continues healthy practice of weightlifting

(WTVM) - Pregnant women pumping iron? It's a growing trend that might raise a few eyebrows.

Alina Pontarelli is seven months pregnant and although she's due in two months this fit mom to be can pump more iron than most women.

" I run and I do cardio, I do squats, I do lunges, I do a little bit of weights, so Just a little bit of everything," said Pontarelli.

So what does her doctor say about this?

" Well she told me she wants me to keep working out, she said I want you sweating out there, it's very beneficial for me, it's beneficial for the baby," said Pontarelli.

The March of Dimes recommend about 30 minutes a day or two and a half hours a week of exercise.

Dr. Villegas of Columbus Regional Health says It's recommended that women keep up with their physical fitness during pregnancy.

"There have been a lot of studies that have shown that the healthier and more fit a women is the less risk they have of certain complications during pregnancy," said Villegas.

Dr. Villegas and the March of Dimes wants to stress one thing when it comes to your fitness level.

"If you were already a marathon runner and did squats and did lunges prior to pregnancy than that maybe something that's OK, safe and healthy to continue through the pregnancy," said Dr. Villegas.

What doctors don't recommend is new physical fitness routines that you've never tried before.

" I pretty much maintained my fitness level so it's not going to be too hard to get back into it once I have my little boy," said Pontarelli.

Pontarelli says until her doctor tells her otherwise, she'll continue to burn those calories.

Dr. Villegas at Columbus Regional Health says being active during pregnancy can decrease the risk of diabetes, premature and preterm labor.

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