Rape victim set to take stand in barbershop murder trial

Rape victim set to take stand in barbershop murder trial

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A trial for the murder of a Columbus barbershop owner intensifies as the key witness testified Monday that the three suspects charged with the murder of Charlie Artis were not the only people involved.

Demetrice Scott finished his cross examination, and now Defense Attorney Jennifer Curry says the woman raped by Scott during a home invasion will testify Tuesday.

Scott told the jury during his testimony a fourth man named Chris was also with him and the two defendants in January 2012 the day an armed robbery turned fatal.

"I was the driver, Doleman was the passenger and Lee was in the back seat with Chris," says Scott.

Scott, Doleman and Lee are all accused of a five week crime spree involving car thefts, home burglaries, a rape and the murder of a beloved barbershop owner.

Scott pled guilty to several of the charges but pled not guilty to murder. However, he admitted he was responsible for setting Artis up to get robbed. 

"If I would have never set up the armed robbery, yes, he would still be alive today," says Scott.

Defense attorney William Kaleb continued the cross examination asking and "what if you would have never driven the vehicle and took these people to commit the armed robbery?"

Scott replied " I mean, you are right. But at the same time, I am not the one that pulled the trigger."

Although Scott originally took responsibility for raping a woman who was taking a shower when they broke into her home, he changed his story Monday afternoon.

"In my mind I didn't rape her you know, but how it came out was that I did," says Scott.

The trial will resume Tuesday at 9 a.m. inside Judge Art Smith's courtroom.

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