STUDY: Investment in BGCCV leads to $16M going back into Chattahoochee Valley

STUDY: Investment in BGCCV leads to $16M going back into Chattahoochee Valley

If you make contributions to any Boys and Girls Clubs in Georgia, your money is making a huge difference, according to a new study. 

Now, the Chattahoochee Valley locations are celebrating the findings. 

Researchers at the University of Michigan found that for every one dollar invested into the organization, $7.20 in benefits is returned to the individual and community. 

The Boys and Girls Club of the Chattahoochee Valley set a budget of $2.3 million, but with the added benefits, $16 million will go back into the community. 

Researchers found the biggest benefits are from club members' improved grades and reduced alcohol use. 

Rodney Close, President and CEO of the BGCCV, says the investment also allows the Boys and Girls Clubs to strengthen families and build strong communities. 

"Giving the community a sense of fulfillment that their proceeds that they've made over the years have gone to a good cause and to know that my dollar, one dollar that I've made or many dollars, that the return of every dollar I've spent into the organization," Close said. 

The BGCCV is made up of 60 percent boys and 40 percent girls. 

Additionally, 95 percent of its members are eligible for free or reduced lunches, 68 percent are from single-parent homes, and 34 percent live in the most economically depressed areas in Columbus. 

It costs the BGCCV $1,000 to serve one child annually, but membership fees are only $40 per child each school year. Scholarships are available for those who need assistance, and no child is excluded because of an inability to pay. 

In all, Georgia Boys and Girls Clubs spend $41 million a year in operating costs, resulting in $292 million in lifetime benefits for club members, families and society

To learn more about the organization or to donate, visit their official website.

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