WTVM Editorial 5/20/16: High rank by Forbes for Columbus Regional Health

WTVM Editorial 5/20/16: High rank by Forbes for Columbus Regional Health

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - These days it seems everyone loves lists.

The internet feeds that love of lists with everything from ranking the best airlines, best restaurants, or best celebrity homes.

Forbes magazine lists of top businesses are always popular and this year, they rank Columbus regional health as number 14 on the list of the top 250 best mid-sized companies in America.

18 other hospitals across the country also made the top 250 list: Memorial Sloan Kettering, the famous cancer hospital in New York, came in at number nine and Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore placed number 18 on the same list. Columbus Regional Health ranked four spots better than Johns Hopkins.

Columbus Regional's ranking is a noteworthy achievement, because Forbes did more than just compile a list. They asked 30,000 employees around the country a variety of questions about their employers, including whether they would recommend their company to others.

Columbus Regional, which operates the Midtown Medical Center, Northside Hospital and the John B. Amos Cancer Center, has a lot to be proud of coming in at number 14 out of 250 businesses, and the Columbus area should be proud too.

We have many good choices for quality health care in our area, which makes us all very fortunate.

The recognition of Columbus Regional by the Forbes list is just another reason our quality of life in the Chattahoochee Valley just keeps getting better and healthier all the time.


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