Georgia Power customers could see smaller bill come summer

Georgia Power customers could see smaller bill come summer

As hot summer days in Georgia start to creep up on us, electricity bills could sneak up on us too.

However, Georgia Power has good news for customers looking to save money.

Customers using 1,000 kilowatt-hours can expect a nearly $5 price drop on their monthly bill. The $4.60 savings are expected to hit June 1 for Georgia Power customers and continue indefinitely. Members of the Public Service Commission say Georgia energy resources are to thank.

Our area has seen significant growth in alternative energy, with the largest solar plant in Georgia located just 45 minutes east of Columbus in Taylor County.

"You're going to see more solar over the next three years as a result of commission action that we will make this summer," said Tim Echols with the Georgia Public Service Commission.

Talks of a nuclear plant coming to Stewart County could also mean potential economic growth nearby.

"Economic development in Stewart County and the region that would result from all of construction down there would be fantastic for the region. I think the question with the commissioners is, 'is it too soon?'" said Echols.

One advantage commission administrators point out is expanded nuclear and solar services could help the state further meet federal demands to control CO2 emissions.

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