Three murder suspects are granted bond

Three teens charged in the deaths of three family members in Upatoi are granted bond today nearly one million dollars each.

The three are accused of killing Gloria Short and her son Caleb Short and granddaughter Gianna Lindsey in January.

The attorneys for 15 year old Rufus Burkes, 18 year old Javarceay Tapley, and 19 year old Raheam Gibson asked for a reasonable bond amount because they consider their clients to not be violent threats.

The highest part of the bond set was $300,000.00 for each count of murder.

Tapley's attorney, Shevon Thomas asked for bond to not be set higher than $100,000.

"I have it in mind to not question judge's decision. Under the circumstances he had the authority to exercise discretion and he did. Whatever my opinions are about it, the judge has ruled. My client and I have accepted that," Thomas told News Leader Nine.
If there is no indictment by the end of July, Thomas made a motion to revisit the bond amount to get it lowered.
Columbus police detectives in the courtroom say this case is still very much under investigation. 

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